Week Two Reflection

I thought the work load last week was large, this upped it quite a bit. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it though! I got to make a lot of things that I definitely wouldn’t have made otherwise. The daily challenges are very diverse and interesting and the assignment bank is a great collection of little pushes to create. Let’s dive into what I did!

For the Daily Challenges, I did the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday challenges. The Wednesday challenge was great, it’s very similar to an intro to music technology assignment.

For Thursday, the prompt was to take a picture of a double that you see. My roommate and I are very obsessed with pugs and we have little pug decorations everywhere in the apartment, so naturally finding a cute double wasn’t hard!

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Pugs livin’ on my fridge #tdc2430

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For Friday’s, the assignment was to draw something as small as you could. I have a sketch of a ghost that I use for a lot of my music things (a logo I guess) (also the original artist of the ghost I use is @unme on soundcloud) and I decided to draw it. It took a lot more attempts than I thought it would but i’m happy with the final result!


The assignment bank assignments were a lot of fun as well! I did one that required you to make a song sound like it was coming from another room and then you had to write a short story about the scene you would be in hearing it. That post can be found here. The next one I did was photoshopping someone into a completely random situation. I took a photo of my friend and moved her up onto a mountain and wrote a little poem about it. Then, the last one I did was an assignment asking you to make a collage of pictures you take of your friends off guard. This was fun because I already had the pictures, the hard part was getting the permission from them to make it! The collage can be found here!


Slack took me a really long time to figure out. Once I struggled through that, I found I was assigned to the audio group! Going through the old assignments and listenings, I found two that I think would be beneficial to us as a class in the future. There’s a listening about what to do and what not to do with sound design for stories and there’s an assignment to simply make music and explain how you made it, which is a very freeing exercise in my experience. I made my own assignment that is a blast, creating noise from an audio sample.


Comment wise I’m lacking this week but I’m making more! Here are the posts I’ve commented on so far this week:




I’m also very happy with how my blog is looking so far!! I put a lot of work into making it look a certain way and visually pleasing. I’m trying to use only my photographs for the whole site, and so far so good!! I did a lot of work with menus and learned a lot about editing just small details to get things to look exactly how you want them to. My blog can be found here!

Looking forward to what’s to come next week!!


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