Week Twelve Reflections


This week was great! I loved the variety of assignments and the carrying creativity. I think it includes the second time I’ve drawn for this course too. So let’s jump into it!

The first assignment for this week was to create a tutorial for one of the assignments. I chose the Playing From Another Room assignment and showed how I go about making that effect in Logic Pro X. If you wanna learn about some EQ and Distortion tricks, click here!

Next up was 12 stars of mash up assignments. These were mostly graphical assignments for me but I enjoyed the challenges they presented in masking and bringing my character into them. First, I had Irri replace Papa John, then I put Naruto and Sasuke fighting into the train scene from Spirited Away, then I put my friend into a random background, and lastly I decided Irri needed to be a part of Veronica Mars.

Then, we did two remix assignments. I loved these. I’m especially fond of my Noise to Pollack painting assignment, but the Emo Mixtape was fun as well.


Lastly, two daily creates! I drew a literal figure of speech


And I got to celebrate the 2500th daily create!


That’s it for this week! Looking forward to (and dreading) wrapping up!

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