Week Three and Four Reflection

I feel like I start all of my week reflections with Wow! So I’m going to start this one with Woah!



These two weeks were a lot of fun! I’m a terrible writer so I had some issues with those assignments, but I think I did a pretty alright job given my lack of skill writing. With photography, I loved it. It was a really fun time and a lot of the things I did were incredibly enjoyable and I would love to do them more often. The photoblitz was really fun, but I’ll get into that below!

The first part of week three was rough. I have a lot of trouble focussing on long readings and with writing, so part one was not the most enjoyable thing for me! I made it through, though and ended up watching a weird animal planet mockumentary that I wrote about here!

Creating a character was hard. I think my character will become more interesting and exciting as time goes on, but for now I think I have a good base for what he is! You can read about Irri here!

Ten stars of writing assignments!! This was the hardest part of this week for me. As I’ve stated a few times, I am bad at writing. The worst. I wrote a haiku summarizing a story, I took a random article from wikipedia and wrote a short story around it, I wrote another haiku about a movie this time, I wrote about my biggest fears, and I wrote about the way a song made me feel.

For the daily creates for this week I did all of these, check ’em out!


Week Four!

This week started and ended with impressions on photography. Taking my original thoughts on photography and ending them with reflections after the fact, it was an interesting experiment! I know nothing about photography and now I sort of know some things about photography! That post can be found here!

Then, after a reading, I took what I learned from the readings and looked for examples of photographic principles in a film or video, which I got to go over one of my favorite music videos and dissect it, which was a lot of fun! That analysis can be found here!

I did You In Collage form for my character, which was a good way to build the lore around my character. I enjoyed making it, and I thought it was a silly way to work with how I wrote the introductory and I like how it turned out. The collage can be found here!

For the daily assignments, I choose two four stars and one three and half star things because I really wanted to challenge myself. I color changed an environment, edited a movie poster with my character, and took a picture of an unsuspecting super hero and wrote a little about it!

I then did a photoblitz, which was a really nice experience. I wrote about it in the post but to reiterate a little, I really loved it. It was a nice challenge that I hope to do a little more of these in the future. Check it out here!

For the daily creates, I did all of these, which you can check out below!


Thanks for reading about what I’ve done!!! Looking forward to next weeks audio week!

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