Week Thirteen Reflections

This reflection is going to be a little odd.

I don’t have anything to show for this week! This week was about planning and outlining what I’m going to do for the final project for the class. We’re asked to tell a story through digital media by using three different genres. The approach I’m going to take is a video story with a focus on sound design that’s broken up with photography/graphic design. The idea I have is to explain the world around my character, Irri, and how it breaks when he’s around. I will accomplish this through heavy video editing, probably focussed on environmental scenes destroyed through data moshing. Data moshing is a glitch art style that I do a lot that is very intensive for little outcome, but the small outcome is very exciting. If you’ve ever seen a tv that has poor connection and the screen starts to blur when people move and it gets pixelated, that’s what data moshing looks like. I’ll link more examples below. I’m going to take video of environments around me (most of which i’ve taken) and edit them through the week and score them. Then I will break that up with heavily edited photographs that I took on film this week and are developing now. I want it to be a glitched out, broken party of Irri destroyed things. I’m not sure the narrative yet but I want to avoid words as much as possible and let the music and images speak for themselves.

I’m really excited for this project to come together next week!


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