Week Ten Reflection

Week Ten!!

This week was about video editing and storytelling. I do a lot of video art, but this was very outside of what I do, which was fun!

The assignments started with an analysis of how film makers decide to make films; what goes into shots, what is trying to be conveyed, how effectively they do this, etc. I made a video analyzing a scene from Donnie Darko where the students are asked to place scenarios into either fear of love categories, in which a short debate ensues. The use of color and tone in the scene is extremely effective, as is where the characters stand and their body language. That analysis can be found here!

Next, I did 12 stars of Video Assignments! First I made an AMV for the local Fredericksburg band Smallhands, then I made a six second art creation video, then a video collage of how much I love my dog, and lastly my favorite transition in final cut! All of these assignments were really fun and made me think about putting together video differently.

Lastly, I did two daily creates this week.

The first one was a picture of a ratty old t-shirt

Then was what is area man up to?


That’s all! Looking forward to week eleven!

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