Week Six Reflections

Wow, I feel like I just did week five!

This week was design week! It was a lot of fun to flex some of the photoshop muscles again but to also use some other programs and online resources.

The week started with readings on design and new ways to think about design. I really enjoyed this. While I wrote out my thoughts last in terms of blog posting, I tried to keep them in mind throughout the week. I really loved Kidd’s view of graphic design and how, as I said in the post, uniquely you it is. I also loved in the other reading the passage about ambiguity in art and how important it is, which is a view that I hold very high in the interpretation of my artistic endeavors. My write up on design thoughts can be found here!


The big assignment for the week was a design blitz! We were to take pictures of things around us throughout the week in regards to different design elements. I chose, through my pictures, Color, Balance, Proportion, and Typography. I really think that all of them turned out well and I’m glad I found them! My design blitz and rationales behind how they convey these principles can be found here!


Next up was twelve stars of design assignments. I decided to do a lot of lower star assignments this time, as I usually aim for a lower amount of high star assignments. I created a license plate, I put Irri in space, I made a word cloud about Irri, I made a postcard, and I created a t-shirt. They were all fun to create were a good mix of challenging and just something new I hadn’t done before.


For the daily creates this week, I got to do a lot of cool things. I replace the dough boy in ghost busters, decide what Dunkin is doing now that it dropped the donuts from it’s name in pursuit of other ventures, and put myself in an old, iconic tv show (scooby doo). All of those can be found below!

All in all I really enjoyed this week! It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the next one!

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