Week Seven Reflection

Week seven already!

This week was more of a collaborative group week, which was great!

My group, group 3, better known now as “The Legends”, landed on what we’re going to do next week for our radio show. We’re going to talk a lot about our characters in a sort of group therapy layout and talk about who exactly our characters are and what makes them them (as our characters). Further explanation can be found here!


I had to create a promotional poster for the show, which while enjoyable, actually helped me create Irri more as a character. I talk about it in the post, but I really like the idea of him sort of distorting things and appearing in random places. More of my thoughts about that can be found here!


For the audio assignment, we were to use ten stars of assignments to help with the radio show. I made a lot of strange, glitch-esque audio with my assignments to lend to Irri’s weird personality and I guess abilities. First I made a “sick beat” that I made with ambient noise from the storm last night, then I took three songs from the Spirited Away ost and made my own sort of music sampling them, then I played with autotuning one of my favorite songs from the Animal Crossing soundtrack that distorted it to fit Irri’s traits, and lastly I had half a star left so I recreated We Will Rock you with my watch. I doubt that last one will show up in the radio show at all but who knows!


For the daily creates, I made a lot of really weird and fun things. On Wednesday, I created a fake image from history by putting Kendrick Lamar into a Beatles concert (I mean no disrespect to the Beatles, just thought the caption was funny!!)

I wrote about the worst job offer I’ve ever received:

And I edited a picture of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker to add song lyrics. The directions were to create them with blues lyrics but I truly loathe that (just about) every blues song is about evil women who ruin lives, or women that the boys tell ya not to like but ya do, or women that ruined your life by leaving you, or etc etc. SO I took a song by Tomggg that I really like and since the lyrics fit the sort of sombre attitude, I went with that!

All in all it was a great week! I’m really excited about working with my group on the radio show next week!!

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