Week One Reflection

I enjoyed the assignments of the first week. I did them all in a short period of time because I added the class late but I’m very excited for where this class will go. I worked with a new editing plugin I got for the soundcloud introduction and I made a few pieces of art that I enjoy (the tree glitch and the white/pink picture). I learned a lot about website design (I need to fix my header video) that I didn’t have before. I made one freshman year for a music tech class and never updated it and now I’m working on that site as well. I don’t think I understand how wordpress works and having more knowledge on it now is extremely nice.

The only thing that “drove me crazy” was trying to get all of this done today but that’s a good thing to see that leaving assignments to the last second in this class is not a good idea. The thoughts on the hero’s story were very interesting as well. I’m still not sure where I land on my thinking about it and I’m interested to see where I do land, because right now I’m just angry at it.

Here are some links to the introductory art I made this week:



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