Week Nine Reflection

This week was a lot different than the other weeks.

I really enjoyed doing things like messing with web pages and customizing images in ways to tell stories. A lot of the assignments were very cool ways to tell a story like I’ve never thought to do before.

First this week, I dipped my toes into Web Storytelling. Using the x-ray goggles plug-in, I edited a webpage to something completely different in order to tell a story. After thinking on it for a while, I decided to make an email server for an Animal Crossing town. The email server can be found here!

Next, I listened to another groups radio broadcast! I listened to Myths, Legends And Character Conversations and they did a really good job! I really liked their approach to storytelling and how they went about doing their project. It never occurred to me that the project could be done that way. My thoughts can be found here!

I then did assignments from the web assignment bank which was really cool! I loved the new challenges to tell stories through non-mainstream ways. First, I made a buzzfeed quiz for those wondering which ambient piano album to listen to. Then, I made a series of gifs to tell a story. I reflected on my progress as a musician. And I remixed a youtube video to be about something it wasn’t! I loved all of these assignments.

Next up is the Daily Creates! We had the cool task of linking all of them together. I kept mine all Halloween themed, and the story is a vague reference to a time where my friend and I were walking through a dark tunnel on Halloween, because, you know, it’s spooky, and I was dressed as Hurley from Lost and there were some people dressed as plague doctors hanging out in the dark in the tunnel. It was terrifying. Here are all of the daily creates!



Time Travel


That’s all for now! Looking forward to next week!!

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