Week Five Reflection


This week we worked in audio, which is what I do for a living! It was a lot of fun, and I got to do a lot of things I wish I did more of.

The week started with an in depth thought of what is radio and why is it still around. We examined two short talks about the impact of auditory storytelling without visuals and then listened to a story written about if Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin died on the moon. My write up of that can be found here!

There was a tweet-along for the ds106 radio station that sadly, due to work, I missed out on. I did that this morning and it was wonderful! I’ve truly never had a more pleasant experience with a radio station. I tweeted along with it the best I could, recommending some friends’ bands’ music to download to support voters registration. My thoughts are found here!


As always, I did three daily creates this week. I think this is the first week that I really enjoyed every create that I did. There were a few I wanted to do but sadly didn’t have the time for as well. All in all a good week for Daily Creates! They can all be found below:

How old am I without words:

Book/Band name mashup:

Sounds of my environment:


Next, we created a radio bumper. I thought this was really funny and fun to make and I’m glad that my awkwardness towards speaking in any capacity really came through in my bumper. That can be found here!


The audio assignments that I did were a blast! I really got lucky and found a good collection of assignments that highlighted what I like doing and what I can do. I make an auditory illusion, I covered a song in a slightly different way than I would usually, I made an ambient relaxation track, and I made a sound effects collage telling a story about my character with no words. It was all a lot of fun!


I’m excited to work on a short radio program with a group after this week. This week sort of reminded me of the joys of radio that I’ve lost to streaming services and to just disinterest in being told what to listen to. My thoughts about what would make a good radio show are here!


Thanks for reading and looking forward to design week!!



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