Irritated the Gnome

This is me working through the creation of a character. Going with our theme, and looking over the archetypes of mythical tales and such, I figured I would probably be a gnome. It’s not that I’m small and stout or anything, I just feel like my character should be a gnome; they’re nice and obnoxious. I went with the name Irritated because that’s the name of my old Runescape character, a game I used to play a lot as a child and is set in a mythical world. Irritated, unlike his name, is a jovial little gnome who really just enjoys everything and everyone. I’m not sure what unique powers or abilities Irritated (goes by Irri) would have, but probably some low level magic. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of if I had a power I would be able to create ice in an capacity, so maybe it would be that. Irri probably lives in a large gnome village but is introverted and doesn’t do much. I’m excited to see what Irri turns into in the coming weeks!

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