Week Fourteen Reflection :(

I am sad.

I really loved this class. I had a great time taking time out every week to create things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I loved the daily creates, I love the assignment bank, I just truly love every aspect of this class. I think I created some really nice art and I learned a lot about storytelling as well.

This week was all work on the final. I go into greater detail on the final post, but the video portion of the final took FOREVER. And my stills didn’t come back until YESTERDAY. But the music was fun! I’m happy with the final product and I’m gonna miss Irri, but with art that I’m making in the future, I’ll continue to refer to him in my mind.

Thank you for this class. Thank you to every one in this class!



Week Thirteen Reflections

This reflection is going to be a little odd.

I don’t have anything to show for this week! This week was about planning and outlining what I’m going to do for the final project for the class. We’re asked to tell a story through digital media by using three different genres. The approach I’m going to take is a video story with a focus on sound design that’s broken up with photography/graphic design. The idea I have is to explain the world around my character, Irri, and how it breaks when he’s around. I will accomplish this through heavy video editing, probably focussed on environmental scenes destroyed through data moshing. Data moshing is a glitch art style that I do a lot that is very intensive for little outcome, but the small outcome is very exciting. If you’ve ever seen a tv that has poor connection and the screen starts to blur when people move and it gets pixelated, that’s what data moshing looks like. I’ll link more examples below. I’m going to take video of environments around me (most of which i’ve taken) and edit them through the week and score them. Then I will break that up with heavily edited photographs that I took on film this week and are developing now. I want it to be a glitched out, broken party of Irri destroyed things. I’m not sure the narrative yet but I want to avoid words as much as possible and let the music and images speak for themselves.

I’m really excited for this project to come together next week!


Image result for datamoshing andy samberg

Week Twelve Reflections


This week was great! I loved the variety of assignments and the carrying creativity. I think it includes the second time I’ve drawn for this course too. So let’s jump into it!

The first assignment for this week was to create a tutorial for one of the assignments. I chose the Playing From Another Room assignment and showed how I go about making that effect in Logic Pro X. If you wanna learn about some EQ and Distortion tricks, click here!

Next up was 12 stars of mash up assignments. These were mostly graphical assignments for me but I enjoyed the challenges they presented in masking and bringing my character into them. First, I had Irri replace Papa John, then I put Naruto and Sasuke fighting into the train scene from Spirited Away, then I put my friend into a random background, and lastly I decided Irri needed to be a part of Veronica Mars.

Then, we did two remix assignments. I loved these. I’m especially fond of my Noise to Pollack painting assignment, but the Emo Mixtape was fun as well.


Lastly, two daily creates! I drew a literal figure of speech


And I got to celebrate the 2500th daily create!


That’s it for this week! Looking forward to (and dreading) wrapping up!

Week Eleven Reflections

This week was hard~~

I’ve been in Florida all week running a music conference that I work ridiculously dumb hours at (usually 8am – 12am). HOWEVER I did the assignments while in the hotel at night and they turned out pretty well.

First, I did 12 stars of video assignments. First, I made a horror scene about a creature from Irri’s warp dimensions, then I showcased my favorite things I’ve made so far in this class (including irri), I made a one second story, and I recorded a friend telling a story. 

For daily creates, I did three and they were nice little write ups.

First what would happen if the world was flat?

Second, Low hanging bucket list

And lastly, a long forgotten memory


That’s all for this week!! Looking forward to week twelve!

Week Ten Reflection

Week Ten!!

This week was about video editing and storytelling. I do a lot of video art, but this was very outside of what I do, which was fun!

The assignments started with an analysis of how film makers decide to make films; what goes into shots, what is trying to be conveyed, how effectively they do this, etc. I made a video analyzing a scene from Donnie Darko where the students are asked to place scenarios into either fear of love categories, in which a short debate ensues. The use of color and tone in the scene is extremely effective, as is where the characters stand and their body language. That analysis can be found here!

Next, I did 12 stars of Video Assignments! First I made an AMV for the local Fredericksburg band Smallhands, then I made a six second art creation video, then a video collage of how much I love my dog, and lastly my favorite transition in final cut! All of these assignments were really fun and made me think about putting together video differently.

Lastly, I did two daily creates this week.

The first one was a picture of a ratty old t-shirt

Then was what is area man up to?


That’s all! Looking forward to week eleven!

Week Nine Reflection

This week was a lot different than the other weeks.

I really enjoyed doing things like messing with web pages and customizing images in ways to tell stories. A lot of the assignments were very cool ways to tell a story like I’ve never thought to do before.

First this week, I dipped my toes into Web Storytelling. Using the x-ray goggles plug-in, I edited a webpage to something completely different in order to tell a story. After thinking on it for a while, I decided to make an email server for an Animal Crossing town. The email server can be found here!

Next, I listened to another groups radio broadcast! I listened to Myths, Legends And Character Conversations and they did a really good job! I really liked their approach to storytelling and how they went about doing their project. It never occurred to me that the project could be done that way. My thoughts can be found here!

I then did assignments from the web assignment bank which was really cool! I loved the new challenges to tell stories through non-mainstream ways. First, I made a buzzfeed quiz for those wondering which ambient piano album to listen to. Then, I made a series of gifs to tell a story. I reflected on my progress as a musician. And I remixed a youtube video to be about something it wasn’t! I loved all of these assignments.

Next up is the Daily Creates! We had the cool task of linking all of them together. I kept mine all Halloween themed, and the story is a vague reference to a time where my friend and I were walking through a dark tunnel on Halloween, because, you know, it’s spooky, and I was dressed as Hurley from Lost and there were some people dressed as plague doctors hanging out in the dark in the tunnel. It was terrifying. Here are all of the daily creates!



Time Travel


That’s all for now! Looking forward to next week!!

Week Eight Reflection

There’s not too much to write about this week.

Here’s our radio show!


All of this week was spent working on the radio show. I put together and mixed all the audio and wrote a lot of music for it as well as voice acting as a gnome which was a new experience. My post about that can be found here!

Then I did two daily creates. The first was a picture of things about to come:


and the next was what dogs would do on the internet:


Not much content on this post but a 30 minute radio show is a lot of content so, enjoy!!

Week Seven Reflection

Week seven already!

This week was more of a collaborative group week, which was great!

My group, group 3, better known now as “The Legends”, landed on what we’re going to do next week for our radio show. We’re going to talk a lot about our characters in a sort of group therapy layout and talk about who exactly our characters are and what makes them them (as our characters). Further explanation can be found here!


I had to create a promotional poster for the show, which while enjoyable, actually helped me create Irri more as a character. I talk about it in the post, but I really like the idea of him sort of distorting things and appearing in random places. More of my thoughts about that can be found here!


For the audio assignment, we were to use ten stars of assignments to help with the radio show. I made a lot of strange, glitch-esque audio with my assignments to lend to Irri’s weird personality and I guess abilities. First I made a “sick beat” that I made with ambient noise from the storm last night, then I took three songs from the Spirited Away ost and made my own sort of music sampling them, then I played with autotuning one of my favorite songs from the Animal Crossing soundtrack that distorted it to fit Irri’s traits, and lastly I had half a star left so I recreated We Will Rock you with my watch. I doubt that last one will show up in the radio show at all but who knows!


For the daily creates, I made a lot of really weird and fun things. On Wednesday, I created a fake image from history by putting Kendrick Lamar into a Beatles concert (I mean no disrespect to the Beatles, just thought the caption was funny!!)

I wrote about the worst job offer I’ve ever received:

And I edited a picture of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker to add song lyrics. The directions were to create them with blues lyrics but I truly loathe that (just about) every blues song is about evil women who ruin lives, or women that the boys tell ya not to like but ya do, or women that ruined your life by leaving you, or etc etc. SO I took a song by Tomggg that I really like and since the lyrics fit the sort of sombre attitude, I went with that!

All in all it was a great week! I’m really excited about working with my group on the radio show next week!!

Week Six Reflections

Wow, I feel like I just did week five!

This week was design week! It was a lot of fun to flex some of the photoshop muscles again but to also use some other programs and online resources.

The week started with readings on design and new ways to think about design. I really enjoyed this. While I wrote out my thoughts last in terms of blog posting, I tried to keep them in mind throughout the week. I really loved Kidd’s view of graphic design and how, as I said in the post, uniquely you it is. I also loved in the other reading the passage about ambiguity in art and how important it is, which is a view that I hold very high in the interpretation of my artistic endeavors. My write up on design thoughts can be found here!


The big assignment for the week was a design blitz! We were to take pictures of things around us throughout the week in regards to different design elements. I chose, through my pictures, Color, Balance, Proportion, and Typography. I really think that all of them turned out well and I’m glad I found them! My design blitz and rationales behind how they convey these principles can be found here!


Next up was twelve stars of design assignments. I decided to do a lot of lower star assignments this time, as I usually aim for a lower amount of high star assignments. I created a license plate, I put Irri in space, I made a word cloud about Irri, I made a postcard, and I created a t-shirt. They were all fun to create were a good mix of challenging and just something new I hadn’t done before.


For the daily creates this week, I got to do a lot of cool things. I replace the dough boy in ghost busters, decide what Dunkin is doing now that it dropped the donuts from it’s name in pursuit of other ventures, and put myself in an old, iconic tv show (scooby doo). All of those can be found below!

All in all I really enjoyed this week! It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the next one!

Week Five Reflection


This week we worked in audio, which is what I do for a living! It was a lot of fun, and I got to do a lot of things I wish I did more of.

The week started with an in depth thought of what is radio and why is it still around. We examined two short talks about the impact of auditory storytelling without visuals and then listened to a story written about if Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin died on the moon. My write up of that can be found here!

There was a tweet-along for the ds106 radio station that sadly, due to work, I missed out on. I did that this morning and it was wonderful! I’ve truly never had a more pleasant experience with a radio station. I tweeted along with it the best I could, recommending some friends’ bands’ music to download to support voters registration. My thoughts are found here!


As always, I did three daily creates this week. I think this is the first week that I really enjoyed every create that I did. There were a few I wanted to do but sadly didn’t have the time for as well. All in all a good week for Daily Creates! They can all be found below:

How old am I without words:

Book/Band name mashup:

Sounds of my environment:


Next, we created a radio bumper. I thought this was really funny and fun to make and I’m glad that my awkwardness towards speaking in any capacity really came through in my bumper. That can be found here!


The audio assignments that I did were a blast! I really got lucky and found a good collection of assignments that highlighted what I like doing and what I can do. I make an auditory illusion, I covered a song in a slightly different way than I would usually, I made an ambient relaxation track, and I made a sound effects collage telling a story about my character with no words. It was all a lot of fun!


I’m excited to work on a short radio program with a group after this week. This week sort of reminded me of the joys of radio that I’ve lost to streaming services and to just disinterest in being told what to listen to. My thoughts about what would make a good radio show are here!


Thanks for reading and looking forward to design week!!