I’m Ready For My Close Up

This is a photo close up of my friend two weeks removed from his first child being born. He’s thriving. I didn’t tell him about this so I really hope he stumbles across the instagram, since it’s public. The background image is called Iridescence and is an art installation. I was gonna add Andrew to Brockhampton, but I liked the stain glass more.

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Andrew if you ever find this I’m sorry

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Photo Mash

I decided to insert Irri into one of my favorite tv shows ever, Veronica Mars. I think the idea of Irri solving crimes with Kristen Bell was too good to pass up. I also got the cut out around Irri really well in this edit! Doing multiple of these for this week has really helped me in my abilities to do that!


This Doesn’t Belong Here

I thought it would be fun to put the last Naruto v Sasuke in the background of the train scene from Spirited Away. I really like the juxtaposition of the scenes and I think they go together pretty well. In a Futurama-esque moment of levity I could see this happening in the actual fight. Enjoy !


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I’m sorry

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Logo Switch Up

Irri runs Papa Johns now, on account of the Papa not being a great person. I liked editing this photo, I wish I was better at masking it, but the gradient behind the Papa was intricate and hard to replicate, and Irri is a lot skinnier a figure than the Papa. I couldn’t match the font either, but I did what I could!