“Sick Beat”


This “sick beat” was created with me recording the storm last night, converting it to midi, and making a beat with with sticks from the limb that fell on my car! I thought that was funny enough to create this with. I audio to midi’d the beat I made as well, assigning different frequencies to different parts of a drum kit, and then processed everything for a weird ambient, saturated feeling. I’m not sure if this counts as a conventional “sick beat” but I love it anyways.


Mixing Soundtracks


The directions of this assignment were vague, but I like what I did with them. I found three songs from the Spirited Away soundtrack that I thought went well together, and fed them into each other. They aren’t exactly all just playing at the same time, they’ve been tempo warped to match each other and pitch shifted to create some gross dissonances. I’m really happy with the end result!


Autotune Something


This was just a really silly exercise for me. I started by autotuning me talking to my dog but I didn’t get the harmonics that I wanted out of it, so I switched over to a song from the Animal Crossing soundtrack. Just using a pitch shifter, I took out a few of the harmonic frequencies in the piece and forced them to fit into a Gb6,9 chord. The results are pretty fun to listen to, especially if you know the source material!

Auditory Illusions

For this Audio Assignment, you were supposed to take a song, convert it to midi, upload it to a different program, and film the piano analysis of the midi. Sadly, the program is windows only, and I’m a mac user, so I went a little more in depth on the midi conversion. Instead of just converting all of the audio to a harmony, I converted to harmony, melody, and drums. Here’s my final result of a strange midi cover of Sugar We’re Going Down:


Song in Another Room

You’re trying to do your homework when your brother’s band starts playing in the garage again. You can’t count how many times you’ve heard this song in a row. Your brother’s friend Cameron’s voice is just so grating this many listens in a row. Your mom calls you to help do the dishes but you only hear on the third call.

This assignment was pretty nifty to come across given my audio engineering experience. I threw a low pass filter on it and added a little bit of distortion but dragged the tone down to about 200hz. Makes the sound in another room effect pretty well!

(Original song: The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak by Cole Masaitis (I play bass on this song!))