Week Eleven Reflections

This week was hard~~

I’ve been in Florida all week running a music conference that I work ridiculously dumb hours at (usually 8am – 12am). HOWEVER I did the assignments while in the hotel at night and they turned out pretty well.

First, I did 12 stars of video assignments. First, I made a horror scene about a creature from Irri’s warp dimensions, then I showcased my favorite things I’ve made so far in this class (including irri), I made a one second story, and I recorded a friend telling a story. 

For daily creates, I did three and they were nice little write ups.

First what would happen if the world was flat?

Second, Low hanging bucket list

And lastly, a long forgotten memory


That’s all for this week!! Looking forward to week twelve!

A Horror Scene


An Explanation

So this is a really weird concept. I wanted to walk into the room and have a really crazy scene, then walk back in to have my friends just sitting in the room like nothing happened. The creature in the corner in the first entrance is a creature created in the vein of something that would be found in a rift that Irri teleports between. I think it’s a nice homage to something like stranger things, but not exactly. I like to think of there being a between place of where Irri is and goes. That first room entrance is that realm.

1 Second Story

This was a fun little video to make. The thought behind it took significantly longer than the video did, obviously, but even then there were multiple takes. I really enjoyed making it though! The file was around 2 seconds which was as short as I could make it, and then I edited it down to a second by cutting. I think it’s a really effective one second story, I LOST MY WALLET BUT IT WAS ON THE TABLE THE WHOLE TIME OF COURSE!

Recording a Memory


Here’s the write up in the video: I put the video together in final cut and edited in the transition frames and title sequences. I don’t really like title cards and end credits, but I thought by making them funny I would be at peace with it. Get ready for more of them. My friend is a really good storyteller, I gave him no warning I just told him that it was about to happen and then said go! Very minimal editting had to be put into this but I think it’s an effective short story. I hope you enjoyed!~~

Week Ten Reflection

Week Ten!!

This week was about video editing and storytelling. I do a lot of video art, but this was very outside of what I do, which was fun!

The assignments started with an analysis of how film makers decide to make films; what goes into shots, what is trying to be conveyed, how effectively they do this, etc. I made a video analyzing a scene from Donnie Darko where the students are asked to place scenarios into either fear of love categories, in which a short debate ensues. The use of color and tone in the scene is extremely effective, as is where the characters stand and their body language. That analysis can be found here!

Next, I did 12 stars of Video Assignments! First I made an AMV for the local Fredericksburg band Smallhands, then I made a six second art creation video, then a video collage of how much I love my dog, and lastly my favorite transition in final cut! All of these assignments were really fun and made me think about putting together video differently.

Lastly, I did two daily creates this week.

The first one was a picture of a ratty old t-shirt

Then was what is area man up to?


That’s all! Looking forward to week eleven!

Video Essay: Donnie Darko Fear and Love

I decided to analyze the fear and love scene from Donnie Darko for the video analysis assignment. I tried to focus on the readings and videos with my response, focussing on the way the scenes were shot, what the symbolism that was trying to be conveyed was, and how effectively the director made these things happen. Using very muted colors was effective for the scene, and having the spectrum and the characters stand at specific points on it during scenes was really effective. Also I thought my computer was exploding at one point during the recording but it didn’t come through at all, so sorry for that.


AMV Assignment

I think I was crying laughing the whole time I made this. I made a version of this earlier last year, but I edited it more for this assignment and uploaded it over the original file, hence the 11 months ago upload time. This started as a joke for a Fredericksburg band that I’m friends with where their bassist told me how upset he was that no one ever edited their music into an AMV, so I quickly spliced together the most overused AMV material of all time, Naruto vs Sasuke in the original Naruto series, and put two of their songs over it. In editing it, I added a lot of terrible transitions and tried to line up some of the audio with things, even though some of it still doesn’t fit. I love how it turned out, it’s the funniest thing I’ve made in a long time.