Week Fourteen Reflection :(

I am sad.

I really loved this class. I had a great time taking time out every week to create things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I loved the daily creates, I love the assignment bank, I just truly love every aspect of this class. I think I created some really nice art and I learned a lot about storytelling as well.

This week was all work on the final. I go into greater detail on the final post, but the video portion of the final took FOREVER. And my stills didn’t come back until YESTERDAY. But the music was fun! I’m happy with the final product and I’m gonna miss Irri, but with art that I’m making in the future, I’ll continue to refer to him in my mind.

Thank you for this class. Thank you to every one in this class!



DS106 Final

Here is my final project! I decided to create a video story with a focus on sound design that’s broken up with photography/graphic design. I accomplished this through film and some stills that I FINALLY GOT BACK YESTERDAY. All of them are pretty environments that I’ve edited to be distorted through photoshop. The data-moshed video portion of this took FOREVER as well as I couldn’t create the effects that I wanted to. A small insight to data moshing, you can’t see what you’ve made until you upload it. You have to put clips together in a way where you guess how they’re going to turn out, then you manipulate them through a process that takes about 5 seconds per frame (this video is around 2800 frames), destroy the frames that would break the video, upload the txt file to Vimeo because it’s the only streaming service that reads it, then you can see how it turned out. More times than not, it turns out terribly and you have to start again. As tedious as it is, I love it and I love the visuals that you can create with it. The music was a joy to make, I wanted this soaked, distorted chord progression with aleatoric sounds above it, and I think I accomplished that. The second part of the piece is the piece being fed back into itself in a tape machine and slowed down 7.3 times. This creates this enveloping hug of reverb that closes out the piece. I hope you enjoy!


Week Thirteen Reflections

This reflection is going to be a little odd.

I don’t have anything to show for this week! This week was about planning and outlining what I’m going to do for the final project for the class. We’re asked to tell a story through digital media by using three different genres. The approach I’m going to take is a video story with a focus on sound design that’s broken up with photography/graphic design. The idea I have is to explain the world around my character, Irri, and how it breaks when he’s around. I will accomplish this through heavy video editing, probably focussed on environmental scenes destroyed through data moshing. Data moshing is a glitch art style that I do a lot that is very intensive for little outcome, but the small outcome is very exciting. If you’ve ever seen a tv that has poor connection and the screen starts to blur when people move and it gets pixelated, that’s what data moshing looks like. I’ll link more examples below. I’m going to take video of environments around me (most of which i’ve taken) and edit them through the week and score them. Then I will break that up with heavily edited photographs that I took on film this week and are developing now. I want it to be a glitched out, broken party of Irri destroyed things. I’m not sure the narrative yet but I want to avoid words as much as possible and let the music and images speak for themselves.

I’m really excited for this project to come together next week!


Image result for datamoshing andy samberg

Week Twelve Reflections


This week was great! I loved the variety of assignments and the carrying creativity. I think it includes the second time I’ve drawn for this course too. So let’s jump into it!

The first assignment for this week was to create a tutorial for one of the assignments. I chose the Playing From Another Room assignment and showed how I go about making that effect in Logic Pro X. If you wanna learn about some EQ and Distortion tricks, click here!

Next up was 12 stars of mash up assignments. These were mostly graphical assignments for me but I enjoyed the challenges they presented in masking and bringing my character into them. First, I had Irri replace Papa John, then I put Naruto and Sasuke fighting into the train scene from Spirited Away, then I put my friend into a random background, and lastly I decided Irri needed to be a part of Veronica Mars.

Then, we did two remix assignments. I loved these. I’m especially fond of my Noise to Pollack painting assignment, but the Emo Mixtape was fun as well.


Lastly, two daily creates! I drew a literal figure of speech


And I got to celebrate the 2500th daily create!


That’s it for this week! Looking forward to (and dreading) wrapping up!

I’m Ready For My Close Up

This is a photo close up of my friend two weeks removed from his first child being born. He’s thriving. I didn’t tell him about this so I really hope he stumbles across the instagram, since it’s public. The background image is called Iridescence and is an art installation. I was gonna add Andrew to Brockhampton, but I liked the stain glass more.

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Andrew if you ever find this I’m sorry

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Photo Mash

I decided to insert Irri into one of my favorite tv shows ever, Veronica Mars. I think the idea of Irri solving crimes with Kristen Bell was too good to pass up. I also got the cut out around Irri really well in this edit! Doing multiple of these for this week has really helped me in my abilities to do that!


This Doesn’t Belong Here

I thought it would be fun to put the last Naruto v Sasuke in the background of the train scene from Spirited Away. I really like the juxtaposition of the scenes and I think they go together pretty well. In a Futurama-esque moment of levity I could see this happening in the actual fight. Enjoy !


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I’m sorry

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Logo Switch Up

Irri runs Papa Johns now, on account of the Papa not being a great person. I liked editing this photo, I wish I was better at masking it, but the gradient behind the Papa was intricate and hard to replicate, and Irri is a lot skinnier a figure than the Papa. I couldn’t match the font either, but I did what I could!


Auditory Hell [Remixed]: Pollack Style

Please wear headphones with the volume at max for best effect (ABSOLUTELY DO NOT DO THIS)

I like noise. I like making noise music. When the remix came about and asked that I “score” a Pollack painting, it made TOO MUCH sense. I really like how the end product came out, and I just thoroughly enjoyed making this appalling piece of noise.